Financing Egypt’s acquisition of 30 additional Rafale Fighters


Ibrachy Legal Consultancy is proud to announce the successful closing of the finance of the recently concluded acquisition by Egypt of 30 additional Rafale fighters where the firm, through a team lead by Ashraf Elibrachy, acted as local legal counsels of the lending banks. This mega acquisition was announced earlier by Dassault Aviation, the famous Rafale manufacturer on its website (

The deals include $4.5 billion (3.75 billion euros) worth of Dassault Aviation Rafale fighter jets, and $240 million (200 million euros) worth of avionics and munitions from France’s missile manufacturing conglomerate MBDA and Safran Electronics & Defense, 85% of which is funded via loans from Credit Agricole, Societe Generale, BNP and CIC banks, as further reported by Reuters ( )

Cairo, 30 September 2021