Amicable Settlement of a DIFC dispute

ILF is glad to announce that, in a DIFC-LCIA English Law dispute, our team was able to secure an amicable settlement in favor of the Claimant, our client, in a multimillion USD case. The dispute was  between a major consumer electronics distributor in the MENA region, as claimant, and a global logistical services company, as Respondent, in relation to a logistical and warehousing services agreement. The arbitration was seated in DIFC, Dubai.


Our Senior Partner, Abdallah El Shehaby, said “ International Arbitration is regional by nature. Accordingly, an arbitration team should be equipped with calibers to face the requirements of handling cases in different jurisdictions with cultural and legal similarities while remaining cautious of and familiar with the important differences between the different systems. Also, it is very important to be equipped with business sense and financial understanding and acquaintance in order to be able to easily communicate with business people and adequately advocate a cross-border business case. I am proud of the team who handled this case: Senior Associate, Fouad Abdelaziz, and Associate, Ingy Hamzaoui. A strong well-rounded team that was able to smoothly handle a very technically complicated case.”